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Weekend Plans creates an electrifying blend of funk, hip-hop, jazz, and soul that has captivated audiences since 2016. Hailing from Richmond, VA, this eight-piece group has come together to express their love of music, old and new, in a way that adds a brand new flavor to the musical melting pot of their hometown. After releasing their debut, all original album “State of Nine” in 2019 with Elephant Ear Studios, their latest songs illustrate their sonic evolution as they embark on their second album.

Top Tracks for Weekend Plans

Backseack Love

Weekend Plans

Dance With Me
Afternoon Bourbon
Get with You


From the Press

"A collection of some of the finest musical talent Richmond has to offer...It’s easy to tell the group is an {eight}-piece when the record spins — they each bring their own musical influences to the table while still maintaining a core chemistry and connection."

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Contact Info


Phone: (804) 396-5956

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